The Engineering professionals at Ranger are dedicated to providing practical and effective solutions for your industrial, commercial, and regulatory concerns.   By staying at the forefront of professional knowledge, Ranger engineers have successfully applied innovative strategies resulting in substantial cost and time savings for our clients.  Our staff can assist you with the following types of engineering projects which can satisfy your environmental needs.

PlanningWhat can Ranger do for you?

Ranger can design a public water system to fit your need.  From interaction and permitting through State regulatory agencies, to the installation of the water supply well to the collection, treatment, and storage of the water, to the distribution facilities, Ranger can provide you with plans and information to put your water system into operation.

What is a Response Action Plan?

Response Action Plans are designed on a site by site basis to meet remedy standard objectives.  These plans are designed for the remediation of each environmental media (surface soil, subsurface soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, or air)  in a proposed reasonable time frame.

What can Ranger do for you?

Ranger can engineer a response action plan for your site to get the desired results.  These plans can include a variety of activities associated with corrective actions at the site, including; field tests, a range of remediation options, remediation system design and installation, operation and maintenance of the system, and remedial oversight.  During the installation and operation of the remediation system, Ranger will interact with the appropriate regulatory agency to provide the regulators with current and exact information concerning the remedial actions conducted at the site.

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